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Realize Greater Reliability With Ownersite as Your Vehicle’s Partner

The concept of reliability is fairly easy to understand but sometimes very difficult to realize. Reliability, as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary, is described as a level of dependability in results that is yielded on a continual basis. This sense that something will continue to work at all times is what makes a person feel safe, secure, and confident.

There is no worry or stress when you know that something or someone is considered reliable. That intangible quality allows us to focus on other things on a daily basis because we know and trust that the thing or person that is reliable does not need our attention.

Expecting Reliability in People and Vehicles

While the idea of reliability is usually attributed to a person, there is one object in our lives in which we also tend to expect and want a high level of dependability and that is our vehicle. Everyone loves their car, truck and SUV…until something goes wrong. No one wants to drive a “lemon.”

We all expect our vehicles to just work and do so without emptying out our life savings. After all, we need them to get where we are going. With all the technical know-how that goes into these vehicles, they should be workhorses. However, the unfortunate truth about most manufactured items nowadays is that they are made as fast and cheaply as possible. Now, this is not a commentary on the state of the auto industry, but, in all honesty, most things seem to be built nowadays with a shorter lifespan.

Since most vehicle owners seem to be aware of this change, it would seem that overall reliability—next to safety—has become one of the most important factors in terms of a v vehicle’s ability to deliver a consistent performance and safety record. When purchasing a vehicle, many owners research the history of vehicles in terms of how reliable they are so that they can measure the hidden costs of repairs or accident potential. For example, there are certain manufacturers that vehicle buyers may steer clear of because they have heard that they make vehicles that tend to be in the “shop” getting fixed. I think all of us have heard the acronyms for certain vehicle manufacturers!

Harsh Reality about Reliability

As you watch your odometer tick over throughout long commutes or years of driving, a nagging thought sits in the back of your mind: any day now, something is bound to happen with my vehicle and it's going to break down. All of us listen for a funny sound or strange movement to tell us when it is time to get our vehicle checked out. But then, what do we do about it? Usually just forget about it. If it's not broke, don't fix it, right? Wrong!

Keeping Reliability Alive

There is a lot you can do now before that happens to ensure that you keep your vehicle’s reliability alive and well. In fact, the Car Care Council says that taking a proactive approach to vehicle maintenance is the best way to avoid costly repairs in the future. And there are businesses popping up to help you do that.

One such forward-thinking company is Ownersite Technologies. The creative minds behind Ownersite have developed web-based solutions, such as Ownersite, that focus on helping you maintain reliability through automated maintenance reminders, an expense tracking system, and recall notifications.

The Risks Affecting Reliability

As the Car Care Council indicates, there is a true market potential for these types of services. According to a 2004 report, more than 87% of all vehicles that participated in vehicle service provider inspections failed. The reasons seemed to center on routine maintenance-related issues, such as engine oil replacement; low coolant, brake fluid and transmission fluid levels, belt replacements, air filters, and tire pressure. While these seem basic and easy to keep up with as well as low-cost fixes, most people find themselves gambling on their own safety by skipping the necessary steps to maintain their vehicles.

Ignoring these relatively simple maintenance issues severely affects your vehicle's reliability by damaging internal parts, effectively decreasing operating life, increasing the cost of maintenance and repair, and raising the likelihood that you will experience vehicle failure somewhere down the road.

Most of us are familiar with the highly publicized SUV rollover accidents that severely injured or killed numerous people in the last few years. While the car manufacturer and tire companies pointed fingers at each other, research indicated that the majority of these deadly accidents were due to improperly inflated tires. Drivers did not take the steps to track their tire pressure on a regular basis because they got too busy or distracted by little things.

Your Reliability Partner

Why leave your car open to a shorter life--let alone risk your own--because you do not have time for car maintenance? There are multiple reliability benefits to using a service like Ownersite:

Ownersite provide a cost-effective proven solution for tracking regular maintenance for your vehicle. Imagine such a beneficial service costing less than fifty cents per month for each of your family vehicles. Up to four vehicles can be included when you sign up for this economical service, providing the peace of mind and comfort that you are doing everything you can to maintain your vehicle's reliability on the road.

Take charge of your vehicle’s reliability so that you can breathe a sigh of relief when you or your children are on the road. The little time and expense of being proactive on your vehicle maintenance is worth the investment because you will be able to add year’s to your favorite vehicle and it will reward you by not letting you down!