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Keep Your Vehicle Chillin’ Rather Than Illin’: Winter Maintenance Tips That Increase Safety and Value

With the sun shining and the air conditioning cranked to the max, it may be hard to imagine how you or your vehicle will feel when it is below freezing. As the seasons change, however, it is time to think about getting ready for rain, snow, and ice because safety on the road becomes even more critical during the winter months. There are also proactive measures that you can take now that will save money while increasing the vehicle’s reliability and value no matter what Mother Nature unleashes.

Reviewing Maintenance Records

If you have not already recorded oil changes, tires, or other vehicle work that was completed during the spring and summer, now is a good time to get your log updated. This will enable you to reflect on the vehicle’s performance over the last few months. You should also review the previous winter’s records to see how the vehicle fared.

Having organized and accurate maintenance records does not just earn you a gold star; it provides the documentation you need to procure a higher sales price when you trade it in or find a private buyer. And even when you still own the vehicle, this record will provide an easy checklist to consult when the weather changes.

If your record keeping leaves a lot to be desired, there are services that you might consider using that provide these helpful reminders and maintain a real-time log on each of your vehicles, which can help you get ready for the winter.

Safety First

Tires are one of the most important places to check on your vehicle in preparation for winter because they will be coming into contact with all sorts of hazardous road conditions. Here are some suggestions:

In terms of safety, it is also important to replace the wiper blades and top up the cold-weather wiper fluid, so that you can keep your windshield free of debris and other things that might inhibit your view while driving. Also remember to test and replace interior and exterior bulbs. Lights are essential when visibility is reduced during blinding rain and snow storms.

Looks Count Too!

Wet weather, snow, salt from the roads, and mud can harm your vehicle’s beautiful paint and, even worse, begin corroding its undercarriage. Here are a few suggestions to prep the exterior of your vehicle:

Despite the bad weather, your vehicle will still want to shine and you want to make sure that you do not have to shell out on a new paint job in a few years.

Performance Boosters

After being run under the hottest conditions, your vehicle must shift gears so that performs well under some of the coldest ones. Your car will need to work harder to get started and maintain optimum performance when temperatures plummet below freezing. There are a number of check-ups to be done under the hood:

Unique Winter Challenges

Winter means unique challenges, so you can plan well for these situations:

Take Care of Your Vehicle and It Will Return the Favor

While there are specific requirements that your unique vehicle may have, the tips mentioned in this article provide an overview of some of the most important maintenance actions to take in the winter months. Taking care of your vehicle now means that it will return the favor by getting you home in the next rain storm or snow flurry. Being careful and proactive about the maintenance of your vehicle will ease your mind as you and your family can safely navigate the harsh weather.