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Ownersite Technologies and Myezcarcare Form Partnership

Pilot Program Introduces Unique, Innovative Vehicle Ownership Solution

ROSWELL, GA - January 30, 2007 - Ownersite Technologies, a developer of web-based and mobile applications that increase vehicle safety, reliability and value for consumers, and provide expanded CRM capabilities for automotive service providers, announced today that it has formed a partnership with myEZCarCare.

The partnership combines the utility of Ownersite's consumer model with the capabilities of its OEM model and integrates it with myEZCarCare's business model to provide additional marketing and customer loyalty functionality, co-branding opportunities, and prepaid preventive maintenance options. myEZCarCare aligns the needs of the consumer, auto dealer, and auto finance company, creating a unique value proposition for each.

myEZCarCare's innovative, technology-based prepaid car care maintenance system offers a range of plans and benefits - from oil and filter change programs to comprehensive multi-year plans which cover all preventive maintenance. All plans come with the Electronic Glove Box, developed with Ownersite Technologies, which provides reminder notices, online maintenance records, recall alerts, various reporting and expense tracking tools, loan and lease payment reminders, online vehicle resources, a personal web page for the consumer's vehicle, and much more.

In commenting on the value proposition that this partnership offers, Ownersite's Founder and CEO, Steve Eppinger, said, "Conscientious consumers are realizing that companies like Ownersite and myEZCarCare can provide a way for them to easily track their car's maintenance needs and ensure that they keep documented proof that their car has been well cared for during its lease or loan period. People are keeping their vehicles longer, so maintaining safety and residual value are important."

Eppinger added, "This partnership combines the technology capabilities of with the finance and auto expertise of the team behind myEZCarCare. The two services share similar foundations, making integration a seamless experience."

Ed Bourgeois, CPA, Founder and CEO of myEZCarCare, remarked, "The program helps build loyalty and provides ongoing marketing opportunities for dealerships and financial institutions. Also, prepaid maintenance best assures that a vehicle will be maintained, protecting vehicle value. The Electronic Glove Box is a one-stop-shop for all vehicle records and information, including payment and service reminders. It is a program that works for every vehicle and consumers love the convenience it offers."

myEZCarCare will be sold through multiple channels, including franchise dealerships, select high-end independent auto dealerships, financial institutions that finance new or used vehicles, vehicle leasing companies, Internet vehicle sales channels, fast lube locations, direct mail, alliances with major consumer organizations, automobile warranty and insurance companies, and credit card marketing programs.

The pilot program was launched last month in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas and St. Louis, Missouri markets. The program will rollout on a national basis in the coming months.

About Ownersite Technologies

Ownersite Technologies is a privately-held technology company based in the Atlanta suburb of Roswell, Georgia. Founded in 2000, Ownersite Technologies develops and markets software and CRM oriented tools for Consumers, Credit Unions, Financial Service Providers, Automotive Service Providers, Fleet Managers and Auto Enthusiast Publications. Ownersite is a member of SEMA and a sponsor of MB Motorsports NASCAR Truck Series Team #63. For more information, please visit

About myEZCarCare

myEZCarCare is a privately-held convenience and loyalty-based automotive service company based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Founded in 2004 and a member of the National Automotive Finance Association, myEZCarCare develops and markets co-branded and private label automotive maintenance plans which add loyalty and marketing value to its dealership and auto finance partners, while providing the consumer with tools to properly maintain one of their most valuable assets, their vehicle. For more information, please visit