Press Release

Ownersite Technologies Announces Launch of Consumer "pay for Use" Model, Testimony to Success of, the Internet's First Comprehensive Vehicle Maintenance Reminder & Expense Tracking Systemtm

ROSWELL, GA - September 16, 2003 - Ownersite Technologies announced today the launch of its Consumer "Pay for Use" model based on the success of their flagship solution: ( is the Internet's First Comprehensive Vehicle Maintenance Reminder and Expense Tracking System(TM).

Having amassed more than 15,000 members in just three years, has become the standard for conscientious consumers in managing important vehicle details, including maintenance records, fuel expenses, business expenses, recalls, insurance information, factory and extended warranties and trip logs. Additionally, users take advantage of the application to remind them of more than 90 important preventive maintenance and service items. With a Customer Satisfaction Rating of well over 90%, has continually embraced the ideas of their members for new enhancements.

Using makes it easy to ensure that your car, truck, van or SUV's service is always up to date. According to some appraisers, a detailed and documented service history increases a vehicle's resale or trade-in value. Data available through Kelley Blue Book helps assert claims that a well-documented maintenance history can increase a vehicle's retained value by well over 10%.

"Our members have spoken - they value our service and continue to provide excellent feedback which we build into our offerings. This 'Pay for Use' model and the positive response it has received is testimony to support this kind of unique offering that can increase vehicle safety, reliability and value. Our model will allow us to continue to grow into a even more useful and powerful tool" stated Ownersite Technologies' President & CEO, Steven Eppinger.


Ownersite Technologies is a privately-held technology based company in the Atlanta suburb of Roswell, GA. Founded in 2000 by the operator of the premier online Ford F-150 enthusiast community, Ownersite Technologies develops and markets software tools for Consumers, Financial Service Providers, Automotive Service Providers, Fleet Managers and Auto Enthusiasts. Ownersite Technologies can be found online at