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All-New Tool Eases Home Maintenance

Home Ownersite Allows Tracking of Home Inventories and Important Records

ROSWELL, GA – March 6, 2008 – A person's home is the biggest investment he or she will ever make. Home Ownersite ( is a new tool that makes it easy to safely and securely maintain that investment, inside and out. Home Ownersite allows homeowners to record all of the important details of home ownership, including tax documents, mortgage information, and even a comprehensive, shareable home inventory for insurance purposes. Home Ownersite also provides the user with reminders of important home ownership details, including often overlooked maintenance tasks and warranty expirations. Also included in Home Ownersite is a list of links to useful homeowner resources on the web.

Track Records and Stay Up-to-Date on Maintenance

As any home owner knows, keeping up on maintenance can help save money. By taking care of inexpensive tasks such as cleaning gutters regularly, home owners can avoid expensive, hard-to-find leaks in the walls. With so many such tasks needing to be monitored and regularly scheduled, it is important to have a tool available that keeps track of it all.

Home Ownersite allows users to schedule on-screen or email reminders from any of the more than dozens of recommended maintenance items included in the tool. In addition, users can also create custom reminders to be sure that they are always up-to-date on any maintenance their home might require.

Home owners can also use Home Ownersite to record and analyze tax bills and receipts, and in turn use that information to spot tax trends that affect a property's value. This information can also be used by the home owner's tax accountant to ensure that he or she is getting the maximum return on his or her investment come April 15th, as well as to track monthly payments as they fluctuate due to adjustable mortgage rates.

The Best Tool to Prepare for the Worst

Diligent homeowners, insurance companies and real estate agents agree it is critically important to maintain a comprehensive inventory of the contents of your home in case of disaster. Home Ownersite provides a web-based method for securely keeping an inventory of all a home's valuables for insurance purposes, thereby replacing the need for multiple spreadsheets, PC applications, CDs and hand-written documents.

Home Ownersite affords peace of mind by allowing users to create a complete catalogue of their property, including copies of files and receipts, detailed appraisals showing items' monetary values, and numerous archival photos.

In addition, no longer do home owners need safety deposit box to store these records; instead, all information is stored in Ownersite Technologies' Class A data center that is backed up daily and is accessible anywhere via the web,. The data is covered by Ownersite Technologies' stringent privacy policies, which ensure only the user and his or her designates, such as an insurance agent, will be able to see property listings.

Coverage Wherever You Need It

Home Ownersite includes plans for multiple properties, so that people owning a vacation home or rental units can take full advantage of Home Ownersite for all their personal real estate needs.

"Home Ownersite provides a unique tool that allows home owners not only to be able to keep up with the maintenance on their homes, but also to track information on the property and valuables inside," says Steve Eppinger, President and CEO of Ownersite Technologies, parent company of the website. "In the event of a total disaster, Home Ownersite can serve as an invaluable product to help consumers begin the process of rebuilding their lives."

Home Ownersite can be found on the web at, and a subscription to the service can be purchased for as little as $29.95 per year for a full year of protection.

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Ownersite Technologies is a privately held technology company based in Roswell, GA. Founded in 2000, Ownersite Technologies develops and markets software and CRM-oriented tools designed to help consumers with personal asset management of their home and vehicle. The company offers both Ownersite for vehicles and Home Ownersite, and partners with credit unions, financial services providers, automotive service providers and fleet managers. Ownersite Technologies holds membership in the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and is a proud sponsor of MB Motorsports NASCAR Truck Series Team #63. For further information, please visit