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1st Advantage Federal Credit Union Selects Ownersite Technologies as an Affiliate for Its Automotive Site

Affiliate Relationship Provides Compelling Value Proposition

ROSWELL, GA – Ownersite Technologies, a developer of personal asset management software for home and vehicle owners, today announced that it has formed its first affiliate partnership with 1st Advantage Federal Credit Union. The Virginia-based credit union is promoting Ownersite as a valuable automotive resource on the financial institution's dedicated automotive site,, which offers loans for all types of new and used vehicles, including autos, watercraft, RVs and motorcycles, as well as offers helpful tips and articles geared toward helping their members get the most out of their vehicles.

Ownersite's affiliate program builds on the company's comprehensive vehicle management capabilities by offering greater revenue-sharing and co-branding opportunities for 1st Advantage. The credit union receives a commission for every client that signs up for this valuable web-based service while Ownersite benefits from an expanded customer base.

"We are excited to partner with 1st Advantage because they share our philosophy of helping maximize the safety, reliability, and value of our customers' assets, such as their vehicles and their homes," says Steven Eppinger, President and CEO of Ownersite Technologies. "Our affiliate program provides 1st Advantage with an expert vehicle maintenance partner that can be beneficial to their members in terms of a convenient, low-cost online maintenance tracking system."

1st Advantage will be able to offer to connect its members to a number of Ownersite's online vehicle maintenance tools, including documenting service histories, tools for tracking business and personal vehicle expenses, immediate access to recalls and technical service bulletin summaries, pre-established and/or customized service reminders, and a central and safe location for maintaining all important vehicle information.

Eppinger added, "The co-branding aspect of the program enables these organizations to strengthen their brands by including their logo and website link at the top of each member's online vehicle maintenance pages after they sign up for the Ownersite program. The affiliate relationship, therefore, enables 1st Advantage to create ongoing value and lasting interaction opportunities between them and their members that can carry on much longer than just offering them a vehicle loan."

In addition to enhanced revenue and co-branding, 1st Advantage also can take advantage of insightful vehicle maintenance articles that they can use on their website and in their member newsletter. This educational material will help to stimulate interest, educate their members, and build loyalty to the 1st Advantage brand. For more information on the benefits for credit unions and its members, please visit

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About Ownersite Technologies

Ownersite Technologies is a privately held technology company based in Roswell, GA. Founded in 2000, it is the mission of Ownersite Technologies to provide the most comprehensive web-based and mobile solutions to enhance personal asset lifecycles, aimed at increasing the safety, dependability and value of our customers' homes and vehicles. We do this through direct relationships with the owners themselves as well as through financial service and insurance providers, automotive service shops, and enthusiast networks. For further information, please visit