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Ownersite Celebrates 10 Years of Helping Customers Enhance Their Vehicle Safety, Reliability, and Value

Offers a Best Practices Lesson on Building a Web Company That Lasts

ROSWELL, GA – January 18, 2011 – Ownersite Technologies, a developer of asset management software for vehicle and home owners, today announced the ten-year milestone of helping customers enhance the safety, reliability, and value of their vehicles through their web-based vehicle maintenance and management solution,

Launched in January 2001, the idea for was born from the Founder's ownership of the highly popular community site. Starting as an online alternative to the traditional spreadsheet method of documenting fuel usage and vehicle maintenance, the solution has been continually enhanced throughout the years.

"Although there was initial skepticism that this innovative subscription-based system for vehicle owners had enough traction to last, it's clear that we stand as a best practices lesson on how to build a successful web company," said Steven Eppinger, President and CEO of Ownersite Technologies. "And, even better is the fact that we are continuing to grow and expand our offering as an invaluable service for thousands of consumers and fleet organizations."

Eppinger added, "There are so many highlights that stand out. One of the first is being recognized in July 2001 as an 'Incredibly Useful Site' by Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine shortly after our launch. Then, in 2004, we launched our private-label model, also known as Ownersite OEM, which licenses the core technology to companies, such as credit unions, financial service providers and maintenance providers, who are interested in providing our technology as a value-added service to their customers."

Over the years, Ownersite has had numerous successes that have enhanced the company's brand equity and solidified its credibility as a viable web-based business driven by a passion for driving and for detail. Here are some highlights:

Going forward, Eppinger is excited about the possibilities: "We have a clear strategy laid out for the next few years about how Ownersite will continue increasing the value, savings, convenience and intelligence that a web-based service organization can offer customers. We plan to expand our efforts in social media, improve our mobile offerings, and continue to develop innovative product features for consumers and fleets. We look forward to the new opportunities that await over the next ten years."

About Ownersite Technologies

Ownersite Technologies is a privately held technology company based in Roswell, GA. Launched in January 2001, it is the mission of Ownersite Technologies to provide the most comprehensive web-based and mobile solutions to enhance personal asset lifecycles, aimed at increasing the safety, dependability and value of our customers' homes and vehicles. We do this through direct relationships with the owners themselves as well as through financial service and insurance providers, automotive service shops, and enthusiast networks. For further information, please visit