Press Release Helps Fleet Managers Control Fuel Expenses During Gas Price Spike

ROSWELL, GA – May 18, 2011 – Ownersite Technologies, developer of asset management software for vehicle and home owners, today announced that fleet managers utilizing to track the maintenance of their vehicles are feeling less pressure from rising fuel prices because of the greater fuel efficiency of their vehicles., the maintenance reminder and expense tracking system popular with fleet owners, has been shown to help car and truck owners who keep their vehicles in top condition achieve a measurable reduction in fuel usage.

When fuel prices rise, service-based businesses are often the first to feel the pinch at the pump. Businesses who can maintain the same level of quality service with a smaller increase in the cost of doing business gain a competitive advantage.

"We depend on Ownersite's technology to remind us when to service our vehicles – from oil to air filter changes," stated Paul Hartnett, president of Axis Coach, LLC. "Keeping our fleet well maintained has saved us between five and ten percent on our fuel costs."'s developers recognize that in some fiercely competitive service industries that five to ten percent savings may contribute straight to the profit margin of a sale. Business owners recognize that with gas at $4/gallon, they could potentially recapture $500/year for each vehicle averaging 20,000 annual miles.

"Our software is designed to help vehicle owners operate their vehicles more efficiently and extend their lifetime on the road," said Steven Eppinger, President and CEO of Ownersite Technologies. "Ultimately we're helping them gain more value from their vehicle investment." users range from limousine and car services to pest control providers and landscapers. They drive a wide assortment of cars, trucks, vans and buses but are all searching for ways to deliver their service or reach their destination more efficiently. capitalizes on what automotive manufacturers have long advocated: that well maintained vehicles will experience better performance – including seeing better gas mileage – and have greater resale value when it comes time to upgrade.

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Ownersite Technologies provides comprehensive web-based and mobile solutions to enhance the safety, reliability and value of our customers' personal and commercial assets and vehicles. Our low cost asset management tools put the advantages usually reserved for large fleet owners into the hands of small business owners for a fraction of the cost. is distributed directly to businesses and consumers online as well as through our channel of financial service and insurance providers, automotive service shops, and enthusiast networks. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Roswell, GA, Ownersite Technologies is a privately held technology company formed by the original creators of For more information, visit