Press Release Empowers Drivers With Mobile Edition of Affordable Vehicle Maintenance Management Application, Now in Beta

ROSWELL, GA – June 30, 2011 – Ownersite Technologies, developer of Web-based maintenance management solutions for small to medium sized fleets, today announced the public beta release of its mobile edition, with a target for general availability of August 31, 2011. Access to the application will be free for all subscribers.

Ownersite Mobile will give authorized users and drivers direct access to the vehicle records and maintenance management information for their vehicles, allowing them to enter data on vehicle servicing (both scheduled and unanticipated), fuel purchases and other information from the road. Integration with geolocation services will reduce data entry for trip logging, fuel and maintenance stops by automatically capturing the event location.

Panchero's Franchise Corp., which uses a small fleet of Hummers to advertise its business in the Midwest, has been testing the release. "Since we began using Ownersite's mobile platform, it's easy for our drivers to log in and enter their miles on trip reports," says Nanette Boyer, director of real estate. "Ownersite's solution has made it more convenient to keep track of mileage logs, maintenance, insurance and registrations."

Ownersite for Fleets, one of the only Web-based solutions purpose-built for fleet vehicle maintenance management, gains powerful new functionality with the release of Ownersite Mobile. Additional features include setting user access policies, automating maintenance alerts to drivers, capturing trouble tickets from the road at the time they occur, and generating mobile reports that show administrators which records are being entered by drivers.

"The mobile solution not only empowers drivers to input data so someone in the back office doesn't have to; it also puts the maintenance schedule and vehicle history in the hands of the driver at all times," says Steve Eppinger, founder of Ownersite Technologies. "With this history at hand, they can take better care of the vehicle and make better decisions when faced with maintenance issues on the road, ultimately saving the company time and money."

Ownersite Mobile is available as a native Android app that can be downloaded from the Android Market, and as a website optimized for access by mobile devices like iPhones and iPads, and smartphones and tablets that run Android, Windows 7 and Blackberry OS. Ownersite pricing is tiered based on the number of vehicles, with no additional charge for adding users or access to Ownersite Mobile.

About Ownersite Technologies

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