Press Release

Ownersite Technologies Expands Hosting Infrastructure With Selection of Inflow as Strategic Partner

Roswell, GA - January 5, 2004 - Ownersite Technologies, a privately-held technology company based in Atlanta has selected Inflow, Inc. as their key partner for expansion of their critical hosting infrastructure. Ownersite Technologies is a leader in providing solutions for expense tracking, preventive maintenance reminders and CRM tools for vehicle owners, financial service providers, automotive service providers, automotive publishers, fleet managers and automotive enthusiasts.

"After a thorough review of our options, Ownersite Technologies found Inflow to be the strongest compliment to our technical and business requirements. Inflow provides the type of support, performance and scalability that we aim to provide to our customers. Their top-notch infrastructure allows us to confidently provide the service level agreements and stability that our customers demand. Their facilities will enable us to manage our explosive growth by allowing us to focus on our applications and customers, without having to worry about the critical underlying Internet infrastructure." said Steven Eppinger, Ownersite Technologies' President & CEO.

"With the selection of Inflow, Ownersite Technologies has put themselves in position to focus on their core business, and the growth of that business, rather than concerning themselves with the every-day infrastructure and technology requirements to manage that growth" said Mark Scully, General Manager - Inflow, Inc. in Atlanta.

The company plans to have their migration completed within 30 days, providing them the ability to quickly serve the needs of their expanding client base.


Ownersite Technologies is a privately-held technology based company in the Atlanta suburb of Roswell, GA. Founded in 2000 by the operator of the premier online Ford F-150 enthusiast community, Ownersite Technologies can be found online at