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Ownersite Technologies Announces Unique Automotive Service Component for Credit Unions

Ownersite for Credit Unions Provides a Branded, Value-Add Service to Cu Members to Enhance Vehicle Ownership, Offering New Options for Crm Campaigns.

April 12, 2004 - Roswell, GA - Ownersite Technologies, a privately-held technology company based in Atlanta, announced today the release of Ownersite for Credit UnionsTM. Building upon the proven success of Ownersite.comTM and Ownersite OEMTM, Ownersite for Credit UnionsTM is a low-cost, hosted platform that improves the residual value of financed or leased vehicles while expanding the level of service to credit union (CU) members.

"Credit Unions play a very important role in vehicle purchase; however, that relationship is typically limited to the inception of a loan or lease and the closing of that note a few years later. There is little opportunity for the CU to deliver additional value to their customers during the entire ownership period," said Steve Eppinger, Ownersite's President and CEO. "We believe Ownersite for Credit UnionsTM provides a unique opportunity for a CU to deliver on-going, value-added service and maintain their presence in front of their members so when the time comes for a new lease or loan, the CU is the first one consulted."

As part of a comprehensive CRM solution, Ownersite enables Credit Unions to provide their members with a branded, web-enabled, vehicle maintenance and expense tracking system for up to four vehicles, regardless of where the vehicles were purchased. This interactive tool allows the CU to:

Offering a custom Ownersite solution to CU members is simple, fast, and cost-effective. Ownersite hosts the application and guarantees uptime through a comprehensive Service Level Agreement. Help Desk issues are handled directly by Ownersite with guaranteed response times. No personal member information is ever sold or shared with third parties.

The value of this offering for members was first seen in 2001 when the retail version of the tool,, was launched. Since then, more than 15,000 registered users have praised its benefits:

"Our mantra is Increased Safety, Increased Reliability, and Increased Value. With Ownersite for Credit UnionsTM, we enable CU members to reap these benefits while extending the relationship between them and their financial institution," says Eppinger.

Ownersite for Credit UnionsTM is available now under a variety of licensing fee options. For more information, visit us on the web at


Ownersite Technologies is a privately-held technology based company in the Atlanta suburb of Roswell, GA. Founded in 2000, Ownersite Technologies develops and markets software tools for Consumers, Financial Service Providers, Automotive Service Providers, Fleet Managers and Auto Enthusiasts. Ownersite Technologies can be found online at