What is an Ownersite Window Sticker...and how can it increase the value of my used car?

According to industry experts, one of the best ways to increase the value of your used car is to have a fully documented maintenance history to share with a potential buyer. offers this advice when selling your car, "If you have detailed inspection records, prepare itemized copies (with service receipts) for prospective buyers. This shows you've kept up with maintenance and suggests you're selling a reliable vehicle."1

In's "10 Steps to Selling Your Car," they state, "Have all your maintenance records ready to show prospective buyers."2

She told me that she looked at several more expensive 2002 Nissan Altima's from private sellers. But when it came down to it, my Ownersite Window Sticker and documented service history convinced her that I took great care of my car and it was worth the full asking price...$1200.00 more than a cheaper alternative without service records!

Anthony G. of San Diego, CA"

Ownersite is a web-based tool that allows drivers to easily track every expense related to owning a vehicle, from gas purchases to warranty work to out-of-pocket maintenance and repairs, while doing away with having huge file folders for paperwork and cumbersome spreadsheets. Owners can also create reports that show everything from fuel consumption to details on valuable tax write-offs for when it comes time to file returns.

As little as ten years ago, there were few alternatives beyond the local newspaper to sell your used vehicle. Now, thanks to the Internet, and sites like eBay Motors, and to name a few, the market for your used vehicle reaches far beyond the newspaper's limited circulation. The interactive nature of the Internet now also enables you to provide much more information to the potential buyer beyond simply stating "well maintained" or "service records available" in your advertisement.

Try sharing that manilla folder full of receipts with the potential buyer from 100 miles away that found your used vehicle online!

To make the sharing of your vehicle's maintenance history simple, we have developed the Ownersite Window Sticker. The Window Sticker, just one very powerful feature of Ownersite, is a public page that is created from your account that makes it easy to share information about your vehicle's maintenance history in your used car advertisement or email communications with buyers.

You decide how much or how little information to share with buyers, information that can optionally include a picture and password protection of sensitive data like digitized receipts. Ownersite even generates the link code, so all you have to do is copy and paste a simple link into your ads for potential buyers to be able to instantly view your vehicle's maintenance history. Do you want to know if buyers are reviewing your vehicle's maintenance history? No problem, we even log that for you, including from which sites people are visiting.

Comprehensively documenting your vehicle's maintenance history using Ownersite takes just few minutes, costs as little as $9.95 per year for a single vehicle and can increase the likelihood of your used car selling faster at a higher price. To try out the Ownersite Window Sticker, as well as the dozens of features that increase the Safety, Reliability and Value of your entire fleet of vehicles, even those you are not selling, sign up now and check us out for your free 30 day trial. You will be glad you did.