2000 Ford F150 Pickup Truck

Traded in my 2000 Lincoln LS for a more practical fun solution for Alaska. Will do some of the mods in the months ahead, starting with the K&N Airfilter.

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General Vehicle Information


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Exterior Color

Oxford White

Interior Color



8 cylinder (5400 cc)

Engine S/N

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Transmission S/N

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Purchase Information

Purchase Date

August 13, 2002

Purchased From

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Purchase Price

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Operational Summary

Est Cost Per Mile

Average Fuel Usage


  • Maintenance & Repair History
    No History Shared By Vehicle Owner
  • Tire History
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  • Parts & Accessories History
    Date Odometer Vendor Part(s) Receipt?
    08/15/2002 57451 miles Shuck's Replacement / Maintenance: Air Filter
    08/17/2002 57700 miles Cal W. Ford Appearance / Cleaning: Floor Mats
    08/26/2002 57700 miles Shuck's Replacement / Maintenance: Wiper Blade

    Total Parts & Accessories Cost: $109.47

  • Fuel History
    Date Odometer Quantity Grade Vendor Receipt?  
    08/25/2002 57730 miles 20.536 Gallons Williams

    Total Fuel Cost: $35.51

  • Payment History
    No History Shared By Vehicle Owner